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be specific whatever it is just make sure that you decide on the exact service you intend to give in return 3 sum it all up onto paper write your goal, angelic love activator applying the law of attraction - finding your soulmate does not have to be a struggle of one painful heartbreak after another nor do you need to spend decades or the rest of your life, affirmations daily affirmations how to say affirmations - here is a list of positive affirmations on many topics an explanation on how they work how when to say them a look at the power of words how we, when your desire feels ordinary it s on the verge of - 48 comments robert january 23 2012 at 2 21 am sen what if this desire you speak of is our life goal our dream in life are we not supposed to be, get the super manifestor program today - on this page below i am going to reveal the most precious and powerful manifesting secrets that are 100 guaranteed to create anything you want in your life, balance in me free guided meditation and audios for - 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