You Know Youre A Republican Or Democrat If -

sarah huckabee sanders to wh reporters on fake news awards - sarah huckabee sanders to wh reporters on fake news awards i know you re all waiting to see if you re big winners video, clark county court to patricia doninger you re fired - i was with you all the way to them being a democrat i think it is terrible the way this woman was mishandled shame on kelly for thinking that people, you re a bigot if you don t support pedophilia return - you are a bigot because of the genius with which the left is enacting these de civilizing policies and bringing them into the media for mainstream, sen ted cruz releases new jingle targeting democrat beto - ted cruz s new jingle if you re going to run in texas you can t be a liberal man the texas republican tweeted the 60 second ad shortly, strzok page text messages reveal god complex you re - strzok page text messages reveal god complex you re meant to protect the country from that menace, you re so old jokes part 1 everyone s community - you re so old jokes part 1 a list of you are so old jokes and you re so old jokes your so old you got your mail with a carrier pigeon you re so old your, if you didn t watch the oscars you re not alone the - rush so we got the preliminary numbers in and the ratings for last night s epidemic awards way down i ve seen the preliminaries at minus 16 those, breitbart tv latest news breitbart - breitbart tv is the home of the hottest video on politics world events culture and media, trump to manchin and toomey you re afraid of the nra - president trump told the authors of the manchin toomey background check bill that it doesn t go far enough because they are afraid of the nra the, you re not going to save anybody what the last person - most popular the allure of the ar 15 i know i don t need it but that s not the point gruden gets his first look at new raiders team, articles karin mcquillan archives american thinker - articles blog posts by karin mcquillan will wyoming get a new governor and conservatives a new superstar how one arizona charter school teaches, national small penis association 2 inches the 2nd - 4 11 2018 national small penis association member forced out of his job basically for just engaging in a little bit of harmless locker room talk, 7 undeniable reasons you can not vote hillary - dave i agree with you simply stated if you want to stump a democrat ask them to name one accomplishment of hillary s i m registered independent, mika throws wolff off set you re slurring a woman it s - of all people morning joe s mika brzezinski finally brought wolff down a peg or two over his comments on us ambassador to the un nikki haley, fuck me or you re fired crooked timber - what s wrong with an employer saying to an employee who needs the job has bills to pay and kids to feed if you want to keep your job you d, building wealth best moves if you re 35 to 44 money time - money magazine s 101 ways to build wealth package offers blueprints for the different stages of your life on how to achieve real financial security in, your love is like a river orrin hatch as song writer - the utah republican may find time in retirement to build on his already extensive catalogue of original songs, president trump to sen toomey you re afraid of the nra - pennsylvania president trump to sen toomey you re afraid of the nra toomey not afraid of the nra spokesman says, 3 things you didn t want to know about nelson mandela - the hero of the anti apartheid struggle was not the saint we want him to be the image of nelson mandela as a selfless humble freedom fighter turned, meghan mccain to leave fox news channel variety - meghan mccain will leave fox news channel where she has been a contributor to the show outnumbered, post partisanship is hyper partisanship slate star codex - a few years ago i wrote i want to avoid a very easy trap which is saying that ingroups vs outgroups are about how different you are or how hostile you, fox news comments about - fox news comments was created to expose the audience that fox news caters to every comment is posted as it was shown on foxnews com or thefoxnation com, you re a liar pro immigration demonstrators confront - you re a liar pro immigration demonstrators confront pelosi over daca talks with trump a group of daca advocates took over a scheduled dream act press, the hillary fix is in real jew news - dear diary looks like the world is caving in on donald trump for knowing that warmongering jews run america s security apparatus i m inclined to say, opinion latest the daily telegraph - the best opinions comments and analysis from the telegraph, cnbc exclusive cnbc transcript senior contributor larry - all references must be sourced to cnbc kelly evans here on set you might know him larry kudlow is here larry kudlow absolutely my good friend, trump in the eye of the storm real jew news - trump is in for more than he bargained for he s in the eye of the storm pitched against a monsoon he began running against clinton but found himself, 7 things christians are giving up by still supporting - are you personal friends with the clintons i would be careful about throwing the word naive around the religious right have been skewering these two for